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Why hasn't the cure for cancer been found yet? Are we going
down the wrong path? We're looking down other avenues.

We're committed to stopping cancer

We have made great strides in saving lives, but the cost is still high.
When will a treatment absolutely cure? When will we detect cancer early?

State of the art medical diagnostics

Our focus is on using new methods. Some times starting one path, you miss something.
We believe in the possibility of faster detection and cure in electronics.


Thank you for visiting our web site and learning a bit more about us. It's frustrating when you have a relative or a friend who has gotten cancer and needs to take a very difficult journey. And you know what it feels like if the diagnosis is your own. As you navigate through treatment regiments and medical coverage plans and try to imagine how you're going to be incapacitated and yet pay the bills, you may ask yourself "Where is the cancer cure that's simple?" In all these years of research, countless millions spent on research, why hasn't there been a true cure? We're lucky there has been advances in treatment that can slow and mostly remove cancer, but why isn't there something that's less invasive? Could it be we're looking in the wrong places?

We are driven to find the answer no one else has yet.

As you look through the site you'll find papers, articles and evidence that alternative methods of treating and even curing cancer exist. But their documented regularity of working has been lacking. There are too many instances of someone curing themselves to be ignore. Mostly there's empirical evidence. Someone goes into total remission and they never have a relapse. Often this is during some alternative treat they head of and used on themselves. But the clinical why and how has never been clinically researched and explained. There is some truth that hasn't been uncovered yet. We want to uncover it.

About Our Research

Our approach is two pronged, create a better diagnostic, and then a path to a cure.

We're researching any and all clinical tests that were made using electronics as a curative device. We're also examining the requirements of the CDC and other similar agencies to prepare for our own clinical tests and qualifications

We consult with scientists and doctors who have used alternative technologies.

There are other alternative methods for dealing with cancer. Some involve DNA or stem cell research, others with modulated pulses or chemical therapy. We confer and pool our information with other.

What we create has to be easy to access and use. Everything should be portable.

You can't take an MRI unit with you to a village far away in remote areas. But our approach allows you to go places and do scans where no scanner has been before.

Typical Personal Stories


I saw doctors and specialists and they all had the same prognosis for me: "a few months to live". But I changed my life, habits and tried new things and now it's a year later.


I'm not going to lie, I was scared. I think I panicked and was ready to do anything. I found ways to make myself better and I want others to know as well.

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With the CoronaVirus changing the way we live, we have joined forces with other health agencies to use our experience and resources to end this pandemic.

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Previously LWC had a special social website for cancer patients, doctors and medical professionals to confer in. The social site (separate from this site) will be closed until a new format is released. We will post when this occurs.


Our ever expanding library of articles and documents concerning cancer.

Offering patients choices they never had before.

The scientists, engineers, medical personnel, operation and financial staff have all had their own experiences with cancer. How it affected them or a loved one or a best friend or even a colleague. We all have our goals that came from the heart to give new hope and direction to what can be done about cancer. We want to detect it early and then provide the least invasive and quickest treatment that would lead to a full recovery. You have our word and our promise that we are going to do our best to get to that goal and that day where getting a diagnosis is not a life changing struggle. But we're going to need your help. All of our research is driven by donations from people like you. We're not asking for you to stretch your budget, we're just asking you to spare just a few dollars. Ten or twenty can go a long way when there's a crowd behind you helping out too. So please, take a minute to click on our green Donate button and make a difference. I've you've had an experience and wished you could do something then do something now. We thank you.